Utica Bakery is the triangle's new place to get authentic Italian baked goods right in your local neighborhood! 

Priding ourselves on being a made from scratch kitchen, we aim to provide our customers with the convenience of freshly baked goods, without sacrificing quality

To find out more about who we are and where we come from, continue reading below!


Where it ALL Began

In its prime, Utica, New York was a bustling city of Italian immigrants who sought to start a new life for themselves here in America. With them they brought about a wave of rejuvenation to the city, influencing its development thru their unique customs and Italian heritage. One of the most recognized traits was their love for authentic Italian pastries and cuisine, which they produced fresh on a daily basis. 

Years Later...

Over time, many of the immigrants would begin to leave Utica, branching out to their neighboring cities and states. Although most of the older generations have moved on, nothing has changed! Despite the city undergoing rough times, the love and desire for freshly baked Italian goods is still going strong, with dozens of bakeries opening their doors daily to the public. 


The underlying appreciation of food along with its baked Italian traditions is instilled in just about every young bambino's life. This was no different for bakery owner, Vincent DeSimone, who adopted the love for Italian cuisine from his parents, both Utica

natives themselves.

With overwhelming support, they sent

their son to culinary school to better hone

his talents. There he earned his degree

in culinary arts, along with several

other certificates, and placed gold in the

ACF sanctioned culinary arts competition. Today he strides to use what hes learned to provide his customers with an unforgettable product.


We ensure that all our products are baked fresh using wholesome ingredients

Daily we work hard on finding ways to

   accommodate many dietary needs  

Baked using traditional Italian methods